Vaccinations: Family Centered Naturopathic Support

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Yesterday’s talk Vaccinations: Family Centered Naturopathic Support was about how to identify and weigh individual factors needed to make an informed decision. Osteopathic views & history of vaccine theory were also shared.

A few factors to consider in the choice:

-Do you have a ‘high risk’ individual?

-How does the person’s age, gender, and location effect the choice?

-What is their immune status?

An ND can help support unvaccinated ones by:

-Improving your resilience to disease

-Educating you on red flags, and more

We also help vaccinated ones by:

-Supporting elimination post-vaccines

-Improving the response to the vaccines

-Managing pain & fever among other things

Ensure you have a Health Care Practitioner (HCP) who is willing to hear your concerns, answer your questions, and walk with you on this journey with respect.

Visit the Talks tab to stay in the know!


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