Spring into Health!

Hi there,

Spring has arrived! A new season brings new surprises, but not all of them good. Moving from Winter to Spring, Summer to Fall, and Fall to Winter are particularly taxing on our bodies, mood, and immune systems. It’s a good idea to ease transitions with a Change of Season protocol.

A good protocol starts about 4 wks before the end of the previous season. If you miss this window, don’t be discouraged. You’ll still benefit from beginning.

A protocol can help you be your Optimal You by helping you adjust to:

-Environmental allergens
-Changes in temperatures
-Change in prevalence to various diseases/pathogens
-Changes in amounts of sunlight
-Social changes & access to outdoors

This can be achieved by using herbs & supplements that are adaptogens (substances that positively modulate the stress response), immunomodulators/ immunostimulants (substances that balance or boost the immune system’s function), mood-enhancers, as well as lifestyle counseling.

Change of Season Soup or Tea could easily replace your morning beverage and keep you on the track to optimal wellness. Depending on your needs this may be a gentle blend of herbs like:

-Zingiber officinalis (ginger)
-Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice)
-Codonopsis spp. (codonopsis) to name a few.

A good protocol might also include sinus irrigation with a neti pot, or a deep steam inhalation with appropriate essential oils.

A trained naturopathic doctor can help to tailor a good Change of Season protocol to any age range and immune status. This is a practice good for the entire family!




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