About Dr. Heath

Naturopathic Doctor & Birth Doula

I am an artist, wife, mother to two preschool daughters, naturopathic doctor, birth doula, proud recipient of the 2013 Go Natural Inspiration Award, 2011 Gathering Conference Poetry Winner, and the 2010 CytoMatrix Academic Scholarship. I received my medical training from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. Having the nurturing care of a doula as part of my birth team for both of my daughters’ births was my motivation for obtaining my doula training through the Naturopathic Doula Course in 2012. I am co-owner of the educational course & private birth plan consultation company Better Birth Plan.

I believe wholeheartedly in mothering the mother. The therapeutic relationship is where healing occurs. Educating patients on how to steer their own health outcomes is a conviction I’ve developed after many years of work in education. I focus my energies on total patient care through the mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual healing process. Eagerly sharing in others’ wellness journey through individualized care and education leads to empowered and inspired communities. I have special interest in reproductive, perinatal, maternal, & family care. I look forward to sharing an experience with you!

“You’re qualified to manage your health!” Dr. Heath, ND

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