Art of Sharing Best Practices

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You can achieve your Optimal You with naturopathic medicine. This medicine bridges Art & Science to help you reach your health & wellness goals. There’s a distinct focus on community and global wellness thru the individual. We are a fixture in the Integrative medical model. To share best practices for patient-centered care, a well-rounded, co-operative approach is ideal. Rest assured, you are qualified to direct your own health! I am a guide, a resource, and a witness to your journey.

Best in Health,
Mai Heath ND Doula


For a bit of Beauty

The Vis Medicatrix Naturae is acknowledgement of the Healing Power of Nature. This idea is highly intertwined with the idea of vitalism. Vitalism is about stimulating the body’s innate healing mechanisms to bring about change. Change that is lasting, gentle, and effective.

Diversity of the Vis

by Mai & Mark Heath,  2011 Naturopathic Gathering Conference Poetry Contest Winner

Flesh formed from Earth
Born in the likeness of Life
We are apart of the Whole
A blessed entity of Eternity

Cycling through Space
As a part of Space
From the Space that surrounds us

Let us be healed
By the origin of the Self
With Energies beyond what first come to mind

Let us be healed
By the substance of our cells
Older than the concept of Time

Let us be healed
Not with herbs
Not with pills
But with Words that flow from the lips of many
To Our Consciousness, collectively

You could suppress it
You could test it
But you couldn’t escape it if you tried

The Vis isn’t for you to decide
Just for you to use
And to abide

The Vital Force, the Wesen,
De Qi, Consciousness
The lifeline of the living
The solidarity of the varied

The Diversity of the Vis

Sharing Experiences

Subject: Thank You from Delta Xi Sigma Alumnae Chapter

Thank You from Delta Xi Sigma Alumnae Chapter


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