Postpartum Home Visits

Postpartum Naturopathic In Home Care

Care varies from family to family. I use knowledge and experience as a woman, mother, naturopathic medical doctor, and doula to act as an educational resource for the entire family. I work with you to identify and prioritize your unique needs in order to formulate a plan in the first few days or weeks that baby is home.

As a ND providing postpartum in home care I:

Educate: practical advice, skills to help with parental transition, communication & crying, baby wearing, vaccination education, navigate body changes, access to my personal library, locate resources, services, & classes

  • Self Care: relaxation techniques, body care
  • Baby Care: swaddling, bathing, soothing, feeding, diapering, burping, hygiene


  • Plan: meals individualized to your nutritional needs, housework, & family schedules


  • Naturopathic: vaginal healing, C-section healing, review current supplements, therapeutic touch/massage techniques, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, hydrotherapy, guided imagery/meditation
  • Lactation: milk supply, types of flow, breastfeeding, positioning, bottle-feeding, pumping, milk storage
  • Emotional: self care, help families to find balance by strategizing ways to manage new responsibilities (even siblings & pets)

I do not:

  • Take over infant care, stay at home alone with baby/children, babysit
  • Transport you in my vehicle
  • Heavy housework

Fee Schedule


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