Preconception Strategies

Along with education on your body & your partner’s body for optimal conception, diet, herbs, and mindfulness are effective tools to help with your family planning.

Fortifying your nutritional status can help to mitigate chances of congenital health concerns. Supporting proper detoxification & elimination functions of the body help to ensure a hospitable environment to nourish a new life.

Acupuncture in particular is an effective tool to use perinatally. Research shows that tools such as acupuncture can help balance hormones influenced by stress that can interfere with pregnancy, improve ovulation with PCOS, regulate menses, improve mood, quality of sperm, and blood flow to the uterus. Its also been shown to improve rate of pregnancy with IVF.

Including naturopathic medicine as part of your preconception strategies can also help address any other physical, mental, or spiritual health concerns you are dealing with outside of conception.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your unique case. Acupuncture & Body Work bundle packages available.


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