Naturopathic Care

It is a system of primary healthcare that focuses on stimulating the body’s innate healing mechanisms to restore individual balance & achieve optimal health. There is a emphasis on minimizing invasive treatment. To assist patients and to promote healing that is lasting, safe and effective, naturopathic doctors employ a number of tools and arts. Some of which are:

~Traditional Chinese Medicine
(Acupuncture, TCM herb patents)

2yin-yang-acupuncture-300x225TCM is an ancient system of medicine that has treated and prevented illness for thousands of years. It consists of acupuncture, acupressure, diet, massage, and Traditional Chinese Medicine herb patents. It is used to treat a number of conditions, including back pain, fatigue, migraines, chronic pain, allergies, skin problems, urinary tract infections, immune deficiencies, and respiratory conditions.

According to TCM, when your energy flow, or Qi is out of balance, your body is weak and more likely to develop chronic disease. TCM corrects imbalance by adjusting the circulation of Qi. It is both an energetic & physical medicine modality. Acupuncture is part of a well-rounded natural labour induction protocol.

 ~Botanical/Herbal Medicine
(The modality most closely related to pharmacognosy & pharmacology)

Botanical medicine uses natural plant-based substances with powerful healing properties to treat various ailments. Different plant constituents such as flowers, roots, leaves, or oils of the plant may be isolated or combined in a remedy to form teas, tinctures, ointments, essential oils, and supplements. Get the most benefit and reduce the risks of side effects with botanical medicine!


  ~Lifestyle Counseling  holistic-life-recommendations-940x350

To achieve optimum health, we need to be aware of habits that lead to illness. Naturopathic treatment includes understanding the practice and principles of healthy living.

We work together to help you identify mental attitudes and emotions holding you back from achieving optimal wellness. Lifestyle counselling can provide you with the support you require to manage depression, fatigue, stress, life transitions, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and other chronic health problems. 

~Clinical Nutrition

(Vitamins, minerals, etc used at a therapeutic dose for a safe, effective, and focused treatment) 

imagesYou are what you eat! Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. Food can either heal or it can contribute to chronic disease.

Nutrition counselling can improve digestion, eliminate food allergies, sensitivities, and support overall health. Introduce dietary changes into your life that will support health and treat chronic conditions through diet and supplementary changes.

        (Energetic based medicine)

home-opathyHomeopathic medicine is a therapeutic healing art that uses minute amounts of plant, mineral, animal, and other substances found in nature to stimulate the innate ability of the body to heal itself. There are thousands of remedies and more are discovered regularly.

Homeopathy helps restore the body to homeostasis. Symptoms of disease are the body’s attempt to correct imbalances, rather than suppress symptoms. Homeopathics can be used singularly or in combinations.

Homeopathy is invaluable in the Birth Room. If you are interested in using homeopathics during your birth, ensure you have a birth attendant with intimate knowledge of this modality.

~Therapeutic Touch
       (Massage techniques)

pureBalance-Wellness-Centre-Therapeutic-TouchTherapeutic touch has a number of benefits including relaxation, grounding exercises and mindfulness.


~Naturopathic Manipulation & Physical Medicine
(Chiropractic techniques)  

manipulation_girl_lgNaturopathic manipulation has many benefits for the Musculoskeletal system and pain management. I often use Physical Medicine such as hip thrusts & sacral manipulation in the Birth Room to help labouring women weather contractions.

      (Use of water at varying temperatures & frequency to effect change in the body, which is over 60% water)

I find the use of water in hydrotherapy particularly beneficial for Central Nervous system & Cardiovascular system, though it also has influence over Immunity.



Additional Services & Laboratory Testing


Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Training comes first. Know where your ND received their credentials.

Qualified NDs in Ontario are registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. Qualified NDs in the USA should be registered with a regulating body.

For more information:
DCCA Hawaii: Professional & Vocational Licensing

Conditions Treated

NDs are Primary Health Care Practitioners. We treat all chronic conditions and some     acute ones.

Fee Schedule


Naturopathic Medicine is covered by most extended healthcare plans. Financial resources never need be an obstacle to care.


Pls Note: 
This page is meant to keep you informed and lead you to the best healthcare for you. It's not meant to diagnose or treat you. Come by for a visit and we'll dig into that together. 




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