Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 9.55.04 AMI am extremely proud of the recent feature article Perinatal Pubic Grooming: Health Implications that I authored for the notable publication Naturopathic Doctor News & Review (NDNR). I have been a reader of this publication since the beginning of my naturopathic medical journey & am honored to be featured in both their print publication and their online publication for February 2016..



Quinoa B’fast, Recipe

Delicious, high protein breakfast, easy & satisfying. Only takes 15min or so to prepare, and you can cook the quinoa in advance, store it in the fridge and then it’s as easy as pouring a bowel of cereal.

-cooked quinoa (hot or cold)
-nut milk (hot or cold) ie unsweetened original rice, Continue reading Quinoa B’fast, Recipe

10 Better Birth Plan Points to Ponder

Sitting down to focus time and energy on writing your birth plan is for many women a cherished memory of their birth experience. This is often a fun & insightful exercise that is gaining popularity as our culture moves towards increasing birth rights awareness and placing the labouring woman and her family at the center of the birth experience. Over the years we’ve seen TV shows & documentaries focused on the topic of the birth experience and the impact it has on women, babies, families, and health.

12202594_988312757893373_1404281358_nI sat down with my colleague and Better Birth Plan Writing Webinar teammate Dr. Eevon Ling ND, birth doula to talk about the pros and cons of writing a birth plan in preparation for your birth experience. Continue reading 10 Better Birth Plan Points to Ponder

Techniques for Physical Medicine & Naturopathic Care during Early & Active Labour

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 9.11.01 AMI was recently interviewed by a writer from the Birth Institute, a “private occupational school that promotes leadership in maternal and newborn health”. Please check out the Q&A article about techniques for physical medicine and bodywork during early & active labour and Naturopathic Medical interventions during pregnancy.

Best in Health,
Mai Heath ND, BA, Birth Doula

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“We Walk Every Step Of The Way With A Woman”: Doulas Share Their Stories

downloadI was recently interviewed by the writer Cynthia Dorsey from the popular lifestyle publication Madame Noire. This is a huge honour as I’ve been a MN reader for a few years. Please check out this article about the experiences of Birth Doulas in North America and how it relates to our African & American heritages.

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Mai Heath ND, BA, Birth Doula

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The Importance of Naturopathic Medicine Week

People today have the added challenge of weeding through adulterated products masquerading as food, nutrition, and fuel for our bodies that people didn’t have to think
about in years past. Marketing & media often add to the confusion and misinformation. Naturopathic Medicine Week is about creating awareness and cutting through junk information so that people can slowly but surely return to higher quality diets and whole foods of the past.

It’s vital that the general public know what Naturopathic Doctors (ND) can do for them. That is why licensed NDs across North America take part in Naturopathic Medicine Week every year!

This year Dr. Mai Heath, ND, Raisa DaCosta, ND cand (2018), and Isha Bhatoa, ND cand (2018) are raising awareness by sharing their passion and points of view on the importance of Naturopathic Medicine Week.

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Hypoallergenic Recipe

I wanted a recipe that didn’t require heavy duty & potential toxic machinery. I ditched my microwave years ago and have never owned a food processor. This modified recipe gives you a tasty cauliflower crust that is simply made and can be modified to fit nearly any food restriction.Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.43.36 AM

To make two grain & gluten free cauliflower pizza crusts WITHOUT a food processor or microwave:

1.) I used 1 whole head of cauliflower (~1kg) and boiled it until soft thruout,

2.) I put half the cooked cauliflower in my blender but left it kind of chunky & chopped the other half very fine and then mixed the 2 in a bowel. Continue reading Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Hypoallergenic Recipe

Spring into Health!

Mai Heath ND Birth Doula

Hi there,

Spring has arrived! A new season brings new surprises, but not all of them good. Moving from Winter to Spring, Summer to Fall, and Fall to Winter are particularly taxing on our bodies, mood, and immune systems. It’s a good idea to ease transitions with a Change of Season protocol.

A good protocol starts about 4 wks before the end of the previous season. If you miss this window, don’t be discouraged. You’ll still benefit from beginning.

A protocol can help you be your Optimal You by helping you adjust to:

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To eat or Not to eat, that’s the AD (eczema) question

I always start with diet when it comes to treating skin concerns.

Tiny Scratches

Dear Readers,

My thoughts turn to my 2 year old girl, Zora. The successes we experienced with her skin care duped us in for Clarke’s.

30-80% of childhood eczema is food-induced [a concept that is nearly 90 years old!]. But researchers are not in agreement as to the nature of these reactions [I’m not surprised!]. For decades conventional treatment of AD (eczema) in children has been topical corticosteroid creams, moisturizers, TCLs (topical calcineurin inhibitors), oral antibiotics for infection, sedating antihistamines for sleep, and to a lesser extent, phototherapy.

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