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Ensure you have someone by your side during Labour & Delivery that appreciates the Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.23.33 PMvalue of Movement & Positioning, and someone who can help you make the most of it! Join us for this episode & learn which positions are in your best interest at various stages of the birthing process.

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Happy to be back on Dearest Doula. This time sharing insights regarding the benefit of working in doula teams. Join us for this episode & share with others.

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So excited to be the inaugural speaker on Dearest Doula‘s first podcast. A series of stories from Birth Workers geared at aiding the development of new doulas/ “newlas” and experience birth worker community.


I talk about placing the labouring woman at the center of the birth experience, my experience doulaing the birth of a stillborn, the emotions I had when attending a home water birth where baby had thick meconium aspiration (baby poop in the lungs), and lots of other stories.

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Coach D Show: Au Natural, No Cookie Cutter Medicine

Podcast Featuring Dr. Heath Hosted by comedy & entertainment producer Derryck Birch

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