Naturopathic & other healthcare students & graduates are welcome to preceptor with me. Contact me directly at to set up a shift. You can find me on the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine’s approved preceptor list.

Preceptees, pls:

-Arrive at least 30min before the shift begins

-Naturopathic student interns, Prepare one of the following:
4-6 keynotes/modalities on a Homeopathic Rx of your choosing
3-4 properties of an Herb of your choosing
3 indications for an Acupuncture point of your choosing

-Wear clinic attire (no jeans, yoga/workout clothes, no open-toed shoes, etc), lab coat optional

-Bring your medical equipment

-Bring a laptop/tablet (if you have access to one) for patient research

-Bring paperwork to record your preceptor hours

*Preceptees are invited to join initial visits (appointment or consult) a third of the way into the visit.
*Confidentiality standards will be reviewed with Dr. Heath in person day of your shift.
*Observance of a patient encounter is always up to the discretion of the patient & they are free to withdraw their participation at any time. There are no guarantees regarding patient numbers.
*Practice management and clinical skills will be discussed on shift.

I look forward to having you on shift!

Student Resources


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